Free Hosting & Website Builder (custom domain) with Weebly and Cosmotown

            Free Hosting & Website Builder (custom domain) with Weebly and Cosmotown

Create a beautiful website (choose from thousands of templates) with Weebly and use's free easy to use URL Forwarding/Masking feature to link your personal, branded custom domain name (URL) to your new website. 


Weebly is an easy to use drag and drop website builder / editor, that can be used with your personal Cosmotown domain name (URL) for Free.

1)  Signup with Weebly

2)  Forward your Cosmotown domain to your newly created Weebly URL  or create an A record.

Download the attached PDF, or see below  for detailed step by step instructions on building a site and setting up forwarding for free with Cosmotown. 

 What we’ll cover in this tutorial:

1.  Planning, creating  and publishing a site for free with Weebly
2.  Forwarding your Cosmotown domain (Masking the Weebly URL) to your new Weebly site for free
3.  Creating an A record with Cosmotown (optional) 

 sign up for weebly.JPG

weebly choose a template.JPG

 plan weebly website.JPG

weebly drag and drop editor.JPG  

Publish Weebly domain.JPG


Forward domain to Weebly site.JPG

Login to account.JPG

Parking/Forwarding domain name at Cosmotown.JPG

Forward to weebly.JPG 

DNS propagation.JPG



Create an A record.JPG


Point A record to Weebly URL.JPG

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