Cheapest Domain Registration 2013: Leading Registrars Compared.

Cheapest Domain Registration 2013:  Leading Registrars Compared.

Most registrars offer cheap domain prices for 1 yr, but one has the lowest domain prices that last.  Compare Domain Prices and you'll see that the numbers pretty much speak for themselves.

                                                                       Cheapest Domain Registration 2013 (Total cost over 5 years)

Cheapest_Domain_Registrar_Price_Comparison_chart.jpg is committed to always providing the lowest domain prices and warm personal customer service. So whether you buy and flip domains or if your domain name is the first step in creating a lasting online presence for your business, we want to be there with you.  

Developing a domain name’s or web based business’ value  takes time, so we strive to create  long lasting relationships with each and every one of our customers.   That’s why:

 -  We never charge higher prices for our existing customers to renew
 -  We never charge our customers for the basic right to protect their privacy
 -  Our prices are backed by the strongest guarantee in the business
 -  The longer you sign up for, the lower your annual price ..  

The price of registering a domain may not seem very high, but look at the overall cost over a 5 year period.  It may be more than you think .. 

Cosmotown is committed to providing the Lowest prices that Last and delivering sustainable domain ownership for everyone.  

If you do find a regular price lower than ours in 12 months, we’ll refund you 2X the price difference.   That’s the strongest guarantee in the industry.  When you renew your domain with us, the price guarantee is renewed for another 12 months!  You have nothing to lose.

Give us a try today.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly. 


James Paik

VP, Sales & Marketing


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