.NYC goes into General Availability on 10/8/14. Cosmotown will not participate at this time.

.NYC is going into General Availability on 10/8/14.  Cosmotown has chosen not to participate in .NYC at this time.

If you pre ordered a .NYC domain on the cosmotown website, we sent an automated email per the below to all pre order subscribers on 10/7/14
Dear Cosmotown Customer,
Thank you for your previous pre order of a .NYC domain name via the Cosmotown website.
As you know, a pre order is not an actual order.  Rather, it is an expression of interest in the domain and a request to be notified when .NYC goes into general availability.  

We are emailing you because .NYC goes into general availability on 10/8/14 and will be open to the public for registration.
Unfortunately, at this time Cosmotown has put on hold our plans to offer the .NYC tld.  We may choose to offer it in the future, but will not participate at this time.
Please go to the below link to find a list of registrars and resellers who are currently offering .NYC
Thank you for your time and support.
Have a nice day.
Best regards,
The Cosmotown Team
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