How Do I Update my Invalid Authorization Code in My Account?

Originally from ticket #985.

Dear Customer,


The transfer request has been declined due to an invalid authorization code.


The system should have generated an email notifying you of this. If not (unfortunately, there have been glitches with the automated email system) please let me know. I'll have tech address it asap.


Kindly log in to your account.
Under Transfers tab (to the left of your screen, at the bottom)
You can click on the authorization code and enter a new one.

You will not see an empty field to enter the new auth code.

You actually have to click on where it says "authcode" to the right hand side of the domain.  This will open the field, to enter the new authcode.

I have attached a screenshot for your reference.


Please then email advising us you have updated your authorization code.  We will then re-initiate the transfer.


The losing registrar has 5 full days to respond to a transfer request.  If they do not respond, and there are no issues with the transfer, the Registry will automatically complete the transfer.


You can check on your transfer status at any time in your account.  The system should also generate emails to your admin contact email address, alerting you at each step in the transfer process.


Again, thank you so much for your time and support.

Cosmotown Support

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