How to transfer domain names to cosmotown? Need specific instructions.

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I would like to transfer domain names to Cosmotown. I need specific instructions on how to initiate the transfer, such as: do I start the request from my current registrar, or from Cosmotown? The explanation on your webpage is not clear enough



Dear Customer,


Please see detailed instructions on how to transfer your domain to Cosmotown.


Criteria to be met before you order your transfer on the website:

- Your domain is unlocked.

- Your domain is set to public (Whois Private Registration is disabled. With GoDaddy this is done through Domains by Proxy. You must log in to Domains by Proxy site, and disable private reg, if it is on.)

- Your admin contact details are all up to date. In particular your admin email address, as this is where the transfer approval notifications will be sent.

- Auto renew is turned off.


1. Please ensure the above is done first.


2. Request your authorization code from your current registrar. Most registrars have it available in their user interface. Each registrar's user interface is unique. So you should do a google search on "how do I get my authorization code from -current registrar's name-?" You should be able to find detailed instructions.


3. Purchase your domain transfer on our website.!/transfer


4. Your current registrar has up to 5 full days to respond to our transfer request which is sent to them immediately after you order on the website. Usually, the losing registrar sends out an approval email to their customers right away. They don't typically wait the 5 days.

Also long as the above criteria is met, then you will receive two separate emails, after order. One from Cosmotown, one from your current registrar, asking you to approve the transfer. If you accept, the transfer will be sent to the Registry right away and the transfer should complete within a day or two.

If you ignore those emails, then the transfer will not initiate. It will be on hold indefinitely.


5. Website downtime: Your website will experience downtime only if you need to change any of your DNS settings.

If you are using your current registrar's nameservers, and their DNS, and need to change to ours. You may experience a downtime of 48-72 hours (typically it is much shorter). We are at the mercy of internet service providers for this and it depends on when they update their caches. This will be the case for any registrar you transfer to.

If you are using third party nameservers (i.e. through your hosting company), and all your DNS settings are set up with them, they will automatically import. You will not experience any downtime.


6.  Your expiration date: When you transfer a domain, you do not lose any time on your existing registration.  With a transfer, one year will be added to your current registration date.  For example, if your domain currently has an expiration date of September 15, 2014 ... when you transfer to Cosmotown, your new expiration date will become September 15, 2015.  


7.  After the transfer completes, you can add years to your registration, by renewing the domain.  Log in to your account, click the Domains tab on the left.  Check the box next to the domain you would like to add years to.  Click the Renew drop down menu at the top of the screen.  Click on the number of years you would like to add.  The domain will be added to your cart.  Please note that domains can only be registered for a maximum of 10 years at a time.  Please select the appropriate number of years, so that your expiration date will not exceed 10 years from today's date.  Please see our pricing table below, detailing our discounts for multi-year plans.!/pricing


Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. We are dedicated to making your transfer process as seamless as possible.


Thank you for choosing Cosmotown.


Have a great day.

Cosmotown Support

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