How to change and save your DNS Records

Log in to your account

Click on the Domains tab to the left

Check to the box next to the domain name you would like to add a DNS Record for

You can do a bulk update, by checking multiple domain names.  Or, you can update all  your domain names by checking the box at the top of the domains menu next to "Domain"


Click on the blue drop down menu at the top labeled Manage Domains

Click on DNS (Zone File Records)


Click the Quick Add button next to the record you would like to update

Enter the record details

Click the blue Save link on the right hand side of the record

When you have added and saved all the necessary records

Click the Large Green button at the top of the screen Save DNS Zone

No records updated during your session will save if you do not click on the green button Save DNS Zone


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    There needs to be "EDIT" button

    Also, I can't create a CNAME record of "@" (i.e. doman name without subdomains).  How can I do that?

    e.g. I want to point CNAME how does it work?

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    Cosmotown Support

    Dear Customer,


    Thank you for your comment


    There is are Save / Cancel / Delete options next to each Record which serves as an EDIT function


    Rather than use the @ symbol, you may use the * symbol under Host to point your naked domain to a CNAME

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    Jan Schlamelcher

    I can't seem to set TXT records while keeping the exact character case.

    This is important for for e.g. DMARC records though. The DNS Management tool always transforms v=DMARC1; p=reject; into v=dmarc1; p=reject;, which is then considered an invalid DMARC policy by everyone trying to reach my site. I tried it with different browsers and event tried putting the setting into quotes, e.g. "v=DMARC1; p=reject;". I even looked at my network traffic and my browser does indeed send you the correct value, therefore, it must be the server transforming my input. I never asked for this ;-).

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    Ibrahim Arshad

    @Cosmotown Support 

    Please have a look at the comment by Jan Schlamelcher above as it's the exact issue I'm facing. Please fix this.

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    Cosmotown Support

    @Ibrahim Arshad

    Thank  you for the comment. We'll look into this.
    I have issued a ticket for you #7471.

    Thank you

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    Can i create SRV records for my domains?
    Also saving DNS records takes very long time and not saving yet... How many time this process takes?

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    Cosmotown Support

    Hi Alexander,
    We can set SRV record for you. It's not on customer panel yet.

    If DNS record saving takes too long and spins forever, it means there's data conflict. Would you please issue a ticket? I'll take a look at it.


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    smail milo

    I can't create a TXT(TXT Record) of "@" . I left it blank but it hasn't been verified .  How can I do that?

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