How to add a Host Name to your Domain name's DNS

Dear Customer,


Please find instructions below on how to add a host name to your domain name's DNS.


Log in to your account

Click the Domains tab
Check the box next to the domain you would like to update
Click on the Manage Domains drop down menu
Click Domain Hosts
Add your hostname, such as ns1 and ns2 (without a period at the end) and the corresponding IP address
Click the grey Add Host Nameserver button, after each entry

After you are done adding all your entries
Click the green Submit Changes button at the top of the menu


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Thank you and have a nice day.

Cosmotown Support

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    Jade Fan

    Could you please delete the pic which was sent to you before?

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    Cosmotown Support

    Dear Jade,


    We were unable to delete the picture, without deleting the original comment.


    Regarding your difficulty using the Manage Domains menu.  There is currently a glitch with that function.  Our tech team is working on it as we speak.  It has been marked as Urgent priority.  We will advise when the fix is in place.


    Thank you for your time and support.


    Have a nice day.


    Best regards,

    Cosmotown Support

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