How to change your Nameservers? What are Cosmotown's Nameservers?

Dear Cosmotown Customer,


Effective January 19, 2014 : Cosmotown's nameservers are now utilizing Afilias DNS infrastructure.  Afilias DNS has one of the strongest uptime guarantees in the industry.

At no charge, you can change your nameservers at any time, to the 3rd party nameservers of your choice.  Or of course, you can use Cosmotown's at no charge.

New registrations and transfers: by default, the existing nameservers you are using will be imported into your domains' settings.

If you are not using any nameservers: by default they will be set to our own.


Our new Cosmotown nameservers are:


1. If you need to make changes to your DNS settings, please ensure you are using our nameservers per the above.

2. To use URL forwarding &/ masking, please ensure you are using our nameservers per the above.


3. To change your nameservers:

Log in to your account

Click Domains tab (on the left hand side)

Check the box next to the domain(s) you wish to change (You can do a bulk edit, by clicking the check box at the top of your domain(s) next to "Domain"

Click on the Manage Domains, drop down menu, at the top

Click on Domain NameServers

Enter desired nameservers

Click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen



Thanks and regards,

Cosmotown Support

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    Italo Loureiro

    Dear Cosmotown, I've changed some DNS records from my zone and directly querying your servers I cannot see the changes (I'm not asking my ISP DNS or Googles DNS Cache, I'm asking directly to your DNS Servers [dns1/dns2/dns3/dns4.cosmotown]) after 12 hours.

    How many hours are needed to query your DNS for changes?

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