How to update my contact information for an existing domain

Dear Customer,


Please see instructions on how to update the contact information for all your existing domain names below:

You can do a bulk edit, for all your domain names, so that you only have to enter in the contact information once:


Log in to your account 
Click the Domains tab to the left 
Check the box(es) next to the domain name(s) you wish to update 
Click the Manage Domains, blue drop down menu at the top of the domains list 
Click Domain Contacts 
Update your Registrant Contact information 
By checking the box at the bottom "Click on check box to apply to all the below categories" - This will update the contact info for the Administrative Contact, Billing Contact and Technical contact as well. 
Click Submit 
If you wish these to be set to different contacts, click on the box per each on the left. 
Update the contact information 
Click Submit after each section is updated.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at, if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you and have a nice day.

Best regards,

Cosmotown Support

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    Daniel Priano

    Can someone contact me by voice so I can get this resolved 



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