How to update the MX Record

Please ensure the domain is set to Cosmotown nameservers

Please see instructions on how to set your domain to Cosmotown nameservers below

After signing in, click on my account

Click on Domain on the left.

Check the box next to the domain(s) you wish to change (You can do a bulk edit, by clicking the check box at the top of your domain(s) next to "Domain"

Click on Manage Domains and select DNS (Zone File) RecordsPicture24.png



Under MX Record click on Quick add

The priority should be entered as





Rather than the below single digit numbers, which it appears you were entering them as, according to the screenshot.





Please ensure under Host you do not enter the @ symbol. Please leave the Host section blank. It will auto populate with your domain name


Please ensure you do not enter a period at the end fo the MX Record like, ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. Please enter the MX Record like ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM without the period. The system will auto populate the period on the end.  If you enter it with the period, you will receive an error message.

Hit save.Picture25.png


Please ensure that after you Quick Add and Save each individual MX Record, you click the green Save DNS Zone button at the top of the menuPicture26.png


If you have any further difficulty, please email us the domain names you would like to update.

We will manually take care of this for you asap.

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