How to point your domain name to your Squarespace website

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The full instructions on how to assign your domain to Squarespace can be referenced at:


Step 1: Please see how to update your CNAME on Cosmotown below.

If your domain did not have any DNS records, when first registered or transferred to Cosmotown, our system will automatically have pointed your A Record to Cosmotown's IP.  We do this, so that your domain is ready to use our URL Forwarding feature.  Please leave the A Record as is, per the below:


Scroll down to the CNAME Record (the third one down)

1. Click Quick Add

2. Under Host enter www

3. Under Points to enter

4. Under Actions click Save



Click the large green Save DNS Zone button at the top of the menu



Click OK on the pop up message



Step 2: URL forwarding can be done in your Cosmotown account.

Under your Domains tab,

Check the box next to your domain name.

Click the Manage Domains menu.

Click on URL Forwarding.



Under Pointing to:

enter http://www.yourspecificdomainname.ext  

For example, if your domain is, you would enter

Leave the other fields as is

Click the green Submit button

That way, when users type only into their url bar, they will be forwarded to, which is then forwarded to your Squarespace account (this was done through the CNAME, which we added in Step 1.)





You're all set on the Cosmotown side!  Now, you need to go to your Squarespace account.


Step 3 - Link Your Domain to your Squarespace site, on Squarespace's website.

Please see instructions on how to do so here:


If you need help with Steps 1 & 2, please email us at from your admin contact email address and advise us your domain name.

If you need help with Step 3, please email Squarespace customer support.  We're certain they'll be able to help you out.


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