How to add an A Record to your account - How to point your domain name to an IP address

Dear Cosmotown Customer,

Please see detailed instructions on how to add an A Record to your account - Point your domain to an IP address

Log in to your account
Click on the Domains tab on the left
Check the box next to the domain name you wish to update
Click on the Manage Domains drop down menu
Click DNS (Zone File) Records

You may point your domain to an IP address using the A Record
Click the Quick Add button next to A(HOST or A Record( Example: ))
Add the IP address under Points to three separate times
Once, under Host, leave that field blank and click Save
Then, under Host, enter www and click Save
Last, under Host, enter * and click Save



After all your settings have been updated click the green Save DNS Zone button at the top of the screen. Your settings will not save, if that button is not clicked after changes are made.

Also, ensure your domain's nameservers are set to Cosmotown's. If your domain name is not set to Cosmotown nameservers, any DNS changes made will not apply.  Please see intructions on that below


Please allow 48-72 hours for DNS changes to propagate across the internet.  Typically it is much shorter, around 24 hours.

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