How do I change my credit card in my account?

For security purposes we do not save credit card numbers in our system.

However, if you want to setup auto-renewal with the new credit card (or debit card), please do followings:



The payment info will be saved with the credit card processing company then will be used for the future auto-renewals.


If the original credit card used for purchase is no longer valid, at the time of renewal, the automatic renewal will fail.


You can also purchase and maintain a balance of Cosmotown Funds in your account. The system will first check to see if you have available Cosmotown Funds, if your domain is enrolled in auto billing. If you have Funds, it will use those to process the renewal.


Please see instructions on how to add Cosmotown Funds to your account below:


If you do not, the system then attempts to charge the original credit using the unique Transaction ID, associated with the original payment. If the card is no longer valid, you will need to manually renew the domain.


Please see instructions on how to manually renew your domain below:



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