What happens after a domain expires? What is Cosmotown's redemption fee?


There are several periods a domain name enters after it expires.

The first is the "auto renew" period for 30 days. During this time the domain remains in your account and can be renewed at the regular renewal rate.

After 30 days the domain enters into the second stage, the redemption period. The redemption period means you can restore the domain for the renewal fee plus the "redemption fee" of $80. The redemption period lasts for the next 30 days and is handled manually.

If you wish to restore a domain name during the redemption period, the renewal fee plus the redemption fee must be remitted via Paypal. Our Paypal remit to email is domain@cosmotown.com. Please include in the notes:

1. The domain you wish to restore
2. The email address associated with your Cosmotown account

If you do not wish to restore, the domain's redemption period will end in 30 days.

It will then go into its final, "pendingdelete" phase for 5 days.

After that, the domain will be deleted by the Registry, and go back into the public pool for anyone to register.


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