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I just transferred 3 domains to your service but I forgot to put in the coupon code BlueCosmo when I checked out. I am going to set up web hosting with one of your partners(Hostgator). Can I still get the 5 years free offer on 2 of my domains?



Dear Customer,


Yes, no problem.  The code is for tracking purposes only.  The discount is manually applied.  Since you emailed us at support@cosmotown.com, I will flag your 2 domains for the 5 years free.


1. When you signup for hosting, the main thing is you must click on one of the links from our site (www.cosmotown.com/hosting) to get to our hosting partner.


2. As long as you're a new customer to our hosting partners - we'll add the 5 years.  


3. Please note that the initial registration or transfer fee is not credited or refunded.  The customer is still responsible for this fee.  We simply add another 5 years on to your registration or transfer.


Thanks and regards,

Cosmotown Support


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    As Signup

    This 5 year x 2 free domains is available only through Bluehost package right? 

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    Cosmotown Support



    It is only available with a new customer sign up for either Bluehost or Hostgator.

    You must click through a link from here https://www.cosmotown.com/hosting/, to Bluehost or Hostgator.

    You must be a new customer to Bluehost or Hostgator.


    Thanks and regards.

    Cosmotown Support

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