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Hi. I want to be really sure about transferring before I do it & later have to go jump through a bunch of hoops.

My domain is registered by NameCheap, & it is currently being hosted by Dreamhost. I want to move from Dreamhost to a site I can much more afford. Is a hosting site similar to Dreamhost? Thanks.



Dear Customer,


Sounds like you want to transfer hosting but not your domains? 
If so, we offer hosting through our hosting partner Bluehost - click on


We also have a special offer, if you were to register/transfer your domain with us and signup for hosting with Bluehost.  You can check out that offer at


If you are only interested in hosting, than go to (this link will get you a discount over their regular site).


Cosmotown does not do hosting ourselves. We are committed to offering the best value from a domain registration standpoint.  Getting into the hosting business would most likely require us raising our domain prices, which we don't want to do.


Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks and regards,

Cosmotown Support

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