Domain transfer status (Where does it show?)

You can track the status of your domain transfer by:

Logging in to your account

Click the Transfer tab on the left



New - The order has just been processed, the system will deliver an email to the existing admin contact email address to accept the request, shortly.

Waiting for customer -  An email from Cosmotown has been sent to the existing admin contact.  They need to accept it to start the transfer process.  For security purposes, the transfer process will not start until, accepted via the emailed link.

Transfer Sent to the Registry -  The admin contact has accepted the transfer request.  It has been sent to the current Registrar and the Registry.  If the current Registrar sends a transfer approval email to the customer, and the customer accepts, the transfer will complete within one day.  If the current Registrar does not send such an email, but the domain is set to Public, Unlocked, and the correct authorization code was entered at the time of order, then by default, the transfer will complete in 5 days.

Any other statuses -  If your domain was locked, set to private, an invalid authorization code was entered, or there was missing contact information given by your current registrar, the transfer request will be declined.  Please email if you receive an error message.



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