Do you offer email? Email forwarding?

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Does my account have email forwarding with it or is this something I need to acquire?



Dear Customer,


Cosmotown currently does not offer email.  We are looking to add this feature approximately in April 2014.


However, you can sign up for Free Microsoft Live account to create email addresses with your domain. 

Go to  You can create an, for free.  

Create a free Microsoft account, and then edit your MX and TXT records with us.  

You'll have up to 50 free addresses that you can create.  You will use for free webmail access. 

OR -  Google Apps for business is only 5/mo and can be used with your Cosmotown domain.


Or, you can use your existing custom email service, by updating your TXT and MX Records.

You can see how to change your TXT and MX Records below:


Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks and regards,

Cosmotown Support

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