Cosmotown's domain pricing, how does it work?

Before I start to explain how we price our domains, kindly see our pricing plans per the below.!/pricing


As a general rule, the price to renew and transfer is the same as the registration price.  However, some Registries offer promotions on new registrations.  In those cases we're able to offer a discounted price on a new registration.  The transfer and renewal price is at the regular price.


We do not arbitrarily raise our rates, unless we're imposed an increase in the Registry price. So, you can expect that our annual price will stay fairly consistent over time.


In cases like this where the registry imposes a price increase, you can save in your annual renewal by purchasing a multi-year plan. Unlike renewing the domain by when your annual plan is about to end, where there is a risk of a price increase due to registry imposed price increase.

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    Ahmeed Niloy

    How much price . Com domain for Resaller

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