Domain Transfer and your Hosting plan - How does it work?

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I want to transfer my domain from Godaddy to Cosmotown. I read about the 5
year domain free option with a hosting plan from Hostgator.  Can you please
tell me more information on that?

my domain is

Cosmotown Customer



Dear Cosmotown Customer,


Thank you for your interest in our hosting partnership.


You must be a brand new customer to Hostgator (or to Bluehost, if you choose them), which means you have never had a hosting account with them.


1. You must transfer or register your domain with us.

The initial Cosmotown registration or transfer fee is not refunded.

$8.99 for a one year registration, or a transfer. $17.58 for a 2 year .com registration, etc. Whatever you pay for at checkout with Cosmotown, is not refunded.

If you complete the below steps, then we add 5 free years to whatever registration period or transfer you chose at time of checkout (up to 2 domains).


2. Then, you must click on a link from our hosting page (!/hosting) to get to the Hostgator page. If you do not click on the Hostgator link from our hosting page, we cannot track your sign up


3. Then, sign up for a hosting account, minimum one year.

Do NOT transfer your Cosmotown domain name to Hostgator. You must have an active domain name under your Cosmotown account, in order to qualify for the offer.


4. After your hosting sign up is complete, email, with the domain name(s) you wish to add the 5 free years to.

If you only have one domain right now, that is ok. You can always email later, and ask to add to a future domain registration or transfer.


5. After you advise us the domain name(s) we will add the 5 free years within 48-72 hours.


6. So, in the case of a transfer of, you will pay $8.99 for the transfer to Cosmotown (we only accept transfers for 1 year periods).

Then, you will pay for your hosting package.

Then, you will receive 6 years domain registration on (1 year paid + 5 years free).


7. Once your transfer order is paid for, you can click through to the Hostgator site for sign up with them, from our hosting page!/hosting.

You do not have to wait for the transfer process to complete. However, we cannot add the 5 free years to the domain until the transfer process completes, and the domain can be managed in your account.


8. The details are the same for the Bluehost deal. But, you can see some helpful tips here:


9. Please see instructions on how to transfer your domain name here:


Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Have a great day.

Best regards,

Cosmotown Support

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