What is a domain pre order? How does registration for the new gtlds work?

The term pre order can be misleading.  

It is actually an expression of interest in the upcoming domain name and does not constitute an actual order.  


Registrations for domain names under the new gtlds will become available in phases: Sunrise, Landrush then General Availability.  

The time frame and price for each new gtld is different depending on the registry.


Pre orders : Do not constitute an actual order or registration.  It is an expression of interest in the upcoming domain name.  You will be placed on a mailing list.  When the General Availability period begins, if the domain was not registered during the Sunrise or Landrush periods, you will receive an emailed notification.  Then, you can go to www.cosmotown.com to register the domain as usual.  Essentially, you are simply asking to be notified by email if the domain is still unregistered when it becomes available to the general public.


.NYC : Registrants for a .nyc domain name must have a valid New York City address to register a .nyc domain name.


Sunrise Period : This first, mandatory phase is only open to trademark holders.  Domain applications are submitted during the Sunrise period and then registered at its end.  Domains with multiple applications go into auction.


Landrush Period : This second, optional phase is typically open to everyone.  Domains are offered at a higher price.  Those willing to pay a premium submit their intent to register the domain.  If there are multiple registrants interested, the domain may go into auction.  Each registry reserves the right to sell or auction "Premium" domains at higher prices. The terms and price vary per registry.


General Availability : This last, open-ended phase is when domains are finally available to the general public at the regular, retail price.  Domains are registered on a first-come, first serve basis.

During the first ninety days after General Availability begins, registries must provide Trademark Claims.

The Claims period cannot overlap with the Sunrise period.

Trademark Claims, are a requirement of ICANN for all new gTLDs.  Domain name registrants and trademark holders are advised of possible Intellectual Property infringements. How it works:

  • A potential domain name registrant receives a warning notice when attempting to register a domain name that matches a trademark term in the TMCH.
  • After receipt and acceptance of the notice, if the domain name registrant continues with registering the domain name, the trademark holder with a corresponding mark is notified.  They can then take any appropriate action if they choose to.



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