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If you forgot your password just click on forgot password after clicking on login/signup from Cosmotown's landing page, enter your email and click on reset password. 


For those who try to access the site do and get a 403 error. - This is due to too many failed log in attempts. As an enhanced security measure, the new system blocks IP addresses after 3 failed log in attempts. contact support in order to remove the block


Try accessing the site via a different internet browser. Your stored cache may be interfering. Or, you can delete your cookies, delete your internet cache.  Close / re-open your browser.  Wait a few minutes and try once more.


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    Cosmotown Support

    Existing customers:

     Upon first log in to the new website system:

     1. As an enhanced security measure, we are no longer using user names.  You will not be able to log in via a user name

    2. You must change your password from your previous password.  The password used to log in to the previous website platform is no longer valid.   This is for security purposes, as it would not have been secure to decrypt your passwords and transfer them to the new system.

    Please request a change password link from:!/forgotpassword

    3. Upon entering your new password, you do not have to enter your email address.  The link has the email address embedded.  You can see it in the url.  Each change password link is unique to the email address it was sent to.

    4. When you begin typing in your new password, a yellow message below will appear detailing the new password requirements.

    The blue "Submit" button will not be able to be clicked until a strong password meeting the requirements is entered.  You will receive a green pop up message, if your password was successfully reset.


    Thanks and regards,

    Cosmotown Support

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