How to enable 2 Factor Authentication for Added Security

Customers can opt to receive a verification code by SMS text message or via a phone call, after entering in their passwords at the time of log in.  That way, even if your password becomes compromised, there is another layer of protection.  Prevent account hacking and protect your domains.


To enable this feature:

Log in to your account

Click the My Account tab on the left

Click SecurityPicture1.png

Scroll to the bottom of the menu

Check the box next to Enable two factor authenticationPicture2.png

Click the drop down menu next to Two factor authentication phone number, select your Country (this will auto populate the country code)Picture3.png

Enter your phone number in the next field, including area code. 

You do not have to enter a country code, prior to the phone number. 

So, for US phone numbers, it should appear like 1231231234.

Click the Save button.


The next time you log in, and every time you log in moving forward, you will be required to enter a unique code sent to you immediately via text message, before being granted access to your account. This is entirely optional. If you don't want this feature, simply leave everything as is.


If your phone number is a lan line, at the time of log in, click the "I did not receive anything" link.  Then, select the Call Me option.  You will immediately receive a phone call, with the unique code. 


Please note that the phone verification software cannot guarantee calls to VOIP (internet) lines. If your phone number is supported by a VOIP line, it is best to use your cellular phone number, to ensure delivery.


For those concerned about news regarding the recent Heartbleed virus, Cosmotown has confirmed that we were not vulnerable to the bug.  However, it's always a good idea to change your password often.


While you're in the Security settings for your account, you can check the box next to "Make private whois the default setting for all future domains". This way, you do not have to enable private whois, per each domain registration or transfer. Please note, this does not update your current settings, only future registrations or transfer.


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    Will you integrate as 2FA TOTP auth mechanisms via Google Authenticator?

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    Cosmotown Support

    Hi Alexander,

    Yes it is on our to-do list.

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